Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Anal Training

Today my Sir decided it was time to crack back into my anal training, pun intended,  so I'm writing this with a large butt plug in which will be there for 2 hours. I've worked up to it, yesterday I had a total of 4 hours with various sized plugs in, today I had a quick warm up with the small and medium ones and was pretty impressed when the large one slipped in. Don't get me wrong it still hurt, a lot, but it went in a lot easier!

So here I lay, large plug in my ass, rampant rabbit in my c*nt (I may have issues saying that word!), bands on my nipples, writhing about begging and pleading to be allowed to cum. It wont happen, Sir is evidently feeling very sadistic today, but it's always worth a try, right?!

This is all made worse by the fact that I am an ass slut. I really love anal, I mean really love anal! I cannot possibly explain to you how much I love having something large in my ass, specifically is said large object hurts and/or is attached to a sadist who the proceeds to fuck my ass until it is raw, it brings a whole new meaning to the term "it hurts so good!"
Did I mention that I was an ass slut?!

Ever the sadist Sir has just declared that I may cum, but only if I go for a 10 minute walk with the large plug in. Given that public humiliation is a huge turn on, but also a huge fear, for me and that I am currently in a desperate situation, I'm going to give it a shot! "Horny" doesn't even begin to cover it right now!

Gah, by the end of today I shall be a little pool of submissiveness on the floor!

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