Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Or lack of it in my case. As a submissive I take great pleasure in handing over control of all aspects of my life to the person I am playing with, currently that is my Sir. When we started playing he assumed control of my clothing and my orgasms as well as my training. I absolutely love to have him tell me what I can and can't wear, it makes me feel like such a good little girl to do as I'm told and I love that :) It also allows me to be slutty without having to take responsibility for it! There are things that I would never wear/do if it wasn't for him telling me to and it become a constant reminder for the whole day that I am his.

Firstly, being horny the whole time makes me feel very submissive! Knowing that no matter how close I come to orgasm I'm not allowed to go over that edge makes me so happy, it makes me feel owned. I love to know that he can take me whenever he likes, and I know that he loves it too.

The most difficult part of Sir's clothing control has been the removal of panties. Panties are, for me, an essential part of my clothing. I only ever remove them for showers and sex, other than that I am guaranteed to be wearing some form of pant. Sir immediately recognised this boundary and put a ban on panties at home, meaning that if I was in the house I was not allowed to wear them, mean mean man! It has been a huge personal challenge for me to make the progress that I have with this and, amazingly, with his encouragement I have spent an entire day panty free, a work day I might add, in a skirt. I have walked home several times with no panties on and spent most of my time at home without them. It has saved me a huge amount of washing! I could never do it on my own, I would feel far to vulnerable, but feeling vulnerable for him is so wonderful :)