Sunday, 21 November 2010

Trying to get back in the swing

note: it has been a long time since I had sex and an even longer time since I wrote anything naughty! Bear with me while I get back into the writing! Please!

Sat naked, arms cuddling her knees and blindfolded in a corner she hears his boots. They're heavy, and so black and she can picture them walking towards her. She has cum on those boots so many times. She has licked it off while he calls her dirty slut, taunting her for getting her juices all over them. She relives those moments in her mind as she hears him slowly draw closer, the moistness glistening between her folds catches his eye and he grins to himself.

She feels his fist in his hair as he begins to pull her up, he pushes her head against his cock and she dutifully opens her mouth to accept it. She begins by slowly working her tongue around it, holding it in her mouth while she licks from the base to the tip. She reaches her hands forward to steady herself and finds his boots. She tries to subtly run her hands over them, using her lack of sight as an excuse to take in their feel, their shape, their strength. Her nipples harden as she strokes them and she suddenly feels his grip on one breast, she has not been subtle at all. She quickly shuffles her hands further up his legs and focuses on the cock in her mouth.

Slowly it starts to harden. She traces her tongue up and down it, swirling it around the tip, flicking her tongue against it. As it grows she starts to gently graze her teeth along the shaft while she sucks. She tastes his precum and continues with zeal, knowing that she is pleasing him. Her mouth is filled with saliva that coats his cock and slowly starts to drip down her chin as she slides her mouth up and down him. Her cunt is soaking now, she wants to touch him, to have him touch her, but he has rules. He wants her to suck his cock right now and nothing else, she is there to serve him in any way he wants.

More to come. Suggestions and constructive criticism welcome!

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