Friday, 10 December 2010

A Childhood Fantasy

Sat in the shower listing to the radio my mind wanders, as always, to another place: a cold stone dungeon, completely bare apart from small stone "tables" that rise from the floor to about waist height, laid out in a regular pattern around the room. I am sat, naked, legs spread on one such table. As ever there is a girl on every table, all nude, some held down with chains, others resigned and doing as they are told. Men surround all of them. They are fully clothed, always, only ever unzipping when they want to fuck us.

A man approaches, different from the others, an air of arrogance surrounds him. He is the main object of my fantasies, he appears in all of them. He is a sadist, he has no regard for my feelings, to him I truly am just a toy to use however he sees fit. He picks up the shower head and aims it at my clit, ordering me to spread my lips so the water hits the sensitive little nub. The group of men surrounding me watch me fight the pleasure, I cum so easily that they never let me. He never lets me. I must always wait.

"Clench your cunt. Squeeze it. You should always be tight," he says. I battle to get control of my cunt, as I squeeze it tight I feel the need to cum overwhelm me. He sees my body tense and bellows "don't you dare." I clamour desperately to obey all of his orders, trying my hardest to keep my cunt muscles squeezed tight while doing my best to ignore the water spraying on my clit. "One minute," he says and I begin to mentally count down. Finally he says "cum, now," and my body begins to shudder, my hips buck but two men grab them and hold them down, the water does not stop spraying at my, now over sensitive, clit. I begin to scream and cry, desperate to wiggle away from it.

He is watching me. I am writhing under the hands that are now holding my hips still and my legs wide. "Stop," he commands, but I can't, he knows I can't. "Stop right now or I will rip orgasms from you until I am happy that you have learnt your lesson." I cry harder as I realise my unavoidable fate. The water continues to pound my clit and suddenly I feel a pressure on my ass. He rams a plug into me, sending me further into the spiral of pleasure, I cry out as another orgasm tears through my little body hot on the heels of the last. He demands that I squeeze the plug, as I attempt to writhe it grinds into me making the pleasure even more unbearable. More tears stream down my face.

He continues to drag orgasm after orgasm from my trembling body, watching me , getting off on my trauma. Finally he decides to stop, the water ceases and he flicks my tender clit before he walks away. I squeal and struggle to stand.

Back to reality I balance on my wobbly legs, finishing washing myself before getting out of the shower.

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