Saturday, 24 March 2012


I want to preface this post by pointing out that I spent over an hour trying to remember the word for "sex drive!"...

My libido has always been a bit hit and miss. As a young teen when my hormones first kicked in it was definitely a hit, but when I hit 16 or 17 it was downhill and it's never really picked up properly since.

That might seem odd given that I write a kink blog and consider myself a kinky person, but I think that's why I wanted to write about it, to ponder aloud what the hell my libido is playing at!

There are times that usually last from a week to a month where I can't get enough, where I am rampantly horny, dream of sex, masturbate often and want nothing more than a man (always a man in that case) to grab me, force me to the bed and have his, oh so evil (yet consensual), way with me.

However, the rest of the time months will pass without even a hint of lust. If it weren't for someone mentioning it, it wouldn't even cross my mind. It isn't a need or a want, in fact it becomes something I dislike and want nothing to do with when it does come into my field of vision (so to speak). Those times might be easy right now, while I'm single, but in a relationship it's hard.

So there it is, laid out for you! I'm a part-time kinkster and I don't want to be! Any tips and tricks?