Sunday, 22 September 2013


Apologies for the rather long absence. I've still been doing naughty things, in a fashion, I just wasn't feeling the vibe for putting it out there.

Anyway, I felt like I'd better check in and, being as I haven't been snap happy so couldn't take part in Sinful Sunday I thought I'd check out KOTW, and this week we're talking Blow Jobs, or a myriad of other phrases, most of which I've never heard of!

Personally I'm not a big fan of the blow job, I went through a phase in my teenage years where I was obsessed with them but, much like when you eat Marmite all the time you soon become sick of it, I went off them and now I only really enjoy them when I'm in the right mood.

Of course the problem with that is that Doms want you to always be in that mood in case they fancy a blow job. Which is fair enough, and I'd love to be that girl, and I really beat myself up a lot for not being that girl, but I'm not, and I need to be ok with that.

Another problem I have when it comes to sucking cock is that I once put my jaw out doing just that, and it hasn't sat right since. If I try to open my mouth wide it clicks or cracks, sometimes it locks, it's no longer made for spontaneous blow jobs. There's something decidedly unsexual (is that a word?!) about trying to open your mouth and then having to try and manipulate your jaw to get it wide enough! Don't get me wrong, it's not a problem that happens every time, but it happens a lot, enough to make it very annoying.

There are things I love about giving blow jobs though; the sounds that are made by the receiver and the look of bliss on their face, the feeling of submission that flows through me, and knowing that I'm being a good girl while also being a naughty girl! That's fun!

So overall I guess I'm not really one way or the other when it comes to blow jobs, or sucking someone off, or inhaling the oyster...


  1. Yeah, jaw problems are no fun at all. *hugs* But blissful expressions are definitely awesome :)

    xx Dee

  2. Aw, it makes me sad that you would "beat yourself up" for not always being up to give a blowjob! Especially as it causes you pain at time. Everyone has things they like or want and things they can't or don't...don't ever beat yourself up!

  3. Any act that has pain isn't as much fun to do. I mean I love having sex with my fiance but his mattress is paper thin these days as it's really hard to concentrate on pleasure when I can feel springs grinding into my knees. Or for me on occasion giving a blowjob when I get leg cramp, it ends right that second I tell you.

    Don't beat yourself up for not enjoying something that causes pain please. Sometimes our bodies just don't behave in the manner we want but that isn't our faults. *hugs*