Wednesday, 25 September 2013


I have some massive insecurities with being naked. I'm not the biggest fan of my body but the idea of being forced to be naked, to strip, in front of anyone, be it a group or an individual, strikes fear into me but also makes me wet.
I don't spend much time nude when I'm alone, in fact in the shower and when masturbating are probably the only times I'm naked, unless I'm on cam for someone or I'm over heating!

When it comes to be naked on the interwebs I'm pretty confused; I love the idea of people I've never even met seeing me naked, wanking over me even, but I'm terrified by the thought that someone I do know will find out my secret!

When it comes to others though I'm a bit confused by nudity; I love naked women, I quite like naked men, but I tend to prefer seeing people clothed, I find the way people dress more arousing; the way the material clings to them, or the colours and shapes they create with their clothes. I also find that in my fantasies I'm often nude while everyone around me is clothed, something that turns me on rather a lot.

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  1. Interesting that you prefer to see people clothed and even see that in your dreams. As for being seen by someone I know... yes, that kind of 'scares' me too, but I always think that IF they find my photos online, they must have been looking for it ;)

    Rebel xox

  2. Clothes can be very erotic, in some ways more so than being naked but for me being nude is not really about the erotic it is about the freedom to just be.


  3. interesting, the thought of being the only one unclothed in a group setting. Sounds almost like a dungeon scene.

    I must admit I like seeing people in provocative clothing as well rather than fully nude, there is something quite appealing about it.

  4. there is something about clothing that makes it sexier. I too like people dressed provocatively,

  5. The right type of clothing can be quite erotic, I love a man in a suit! and the thought of lying naked over his knee is just positively thrilling :)

    ~Kazi xxx