Saturday, 22 March 2014


I've done the long distance thing, I did it during a physical relationship (i.e. we met in real life & got to know each other and then it became long distance), and I've done it where it's just been long distance (read: online). Either way it sucks.

I'm quite a tactile person when in love, I like to touch them, to run my hands all over them, to feel that physical connection. You would think, therefore, that I would avoid long distance like the plague. Well, I should, but things come along, don't they. Amazing people walk, technologically, into your life and you can't just go "nope, not gonna get involved because of the distance," that would be silly, well to me it would be.

So now there are some people in my life who are a long way away but who light up my life and make me happy. That is more important than the distance, because distance can be overcome, it might take some doing, but it can be overcome. So much as I want to hug them, kiss them and do naughty things with them, I can wait for them too because special people like that don't come into your life that often.

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  1. I'm glad there are people in your life who care about you and vice versa. You're blogging every day now and to my unprofessional mind seems to be a good thing. One thing I have learned is that over years' time some feelimgs change and things that used to be very important are not so and the opposite is also true.