Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Durex Play: Pure Pleasure/Play Delight

I'm currently on holiday and I neglected to bring a vibrator with me. Last time I was on holiday in this same place I used the shower, it had a power shower setting and was deliciously nice on my clit, however this time it is broken :(

Anyway, long couple of months short, I treated myself to a new vibrator. Nothing fancy, and in fact the only one I could find, but I picked up the Durex Play: Pure Pleasure. It was 15 euros, well, 14,95 or something, and came in a bright pink box, automatic win if you ask me!

I've done a bit of Googling and it seems it retails as the "Play Delight" in the UK.


The toy itself is just a small, clitoral stimulator, I haven't been able to read the instructions as they're all in Spanish, but from what I can figure out it only has 1 speed. That speed though is just right for me and as an added bonus it's pretty damn quiet.

Allegedly the toy is waterproof or water resistant, depending where you get your info, but I feel a bit wary of finding out! That's just my worry of breaking it though, if I do eventually dare to test it I'll let you know!
It's also free of phthalates which I hear is a good thing.

The toy has a little button on the bottom to turn it on and off, and the base unscrews to insert 1 AAA battery. This should last 5 hours and mine came with 1 included.

Overall I am really pleased with this toy, and would recommend it if you enjoy clitoral stimulation and want to start small and easy to use.

N.B. I paid for this toy myself, it was not gifted to me in anyway and all views are my own.

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