Sunday, 30 March 2014

No need to be an asshat

You may have guessed that Persephone is not my real name. You may have noticed that I attempt to be an anonymous blogger. And I hope you will have accepted that it is my choice.

I want, even need, to be able to get things off my chest, to explore my sexuality and to get feedback from others, this is why I blog, why I share my kinks, desires and thoughts online.

I happen to also enjoy playing with people online. It is a safe(ish) way to explore things I might find fun, to discover new kinks, and to learn about my own desires.

The majority of my family do not know I'm kinky, and the majority of my friends who do know do not want to hear me talk about it, because most of them aren't kinky. I am working on finding friends I can share with, friends who understand what I want and need from a relationship, but right now I am not in that place. This is partly why I want to be anonymous; to protect my family and friends.

There are other reasons, I am entitled to all of them.

But this post is for those people who think they're special; who think they deserve my real name/specific location/personal details/IM accounts/etc. This post is to tell you that when I am ready, and not before, I will, maybe, reveal myself to you. And up until that point I deserve for you to respect my choices.

Just because I am submissive does not mean I am an idiot, or indeed a doormat. Just being a Top does not make you worthy of me. If you want to get to know me that is wonderful, I will chat, I might even play, but I will not be giving out my details.

And if you do ask, if you think I'm ready to share that info, when I tell you that I am not comfortable giving you said details, there's no need to be an asshat. Just a simple "OK, I understand," is fine.

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