Thursday, 27 March 2014


This sounds ridiculous so I'll just come right out and say it; I'm afraid of orgasms.

Is that the right way to explain it? I don't know. I just know that as my orgasm builds, when I'm masturbating (i.e. no one else is involved), I put it off. I can come really quickly, stupidly so in fact, but I have a fear of the actual orgasm, that feeling scares me and I don't know why. Maybe I feel too vulnerable, maybe it's that my clit just feels so sensitive I can't handle it, maybe it's something completely different, but I think it's something I need to deal with.

I need to stop metaphorically hiding from that build up. When I feel it starting to rise inside me I'll change what I'm doing to make it go away for a bit again, but still I'm drawn to masturbate. It has never stopped me masturbating. It just means that to push myself over the edge, to make myself do it, I have to imagine a Dom making me, and maybe that's a good thing?

Are these feelings 'normal'? Or do I need some sort of kinky therapy?

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  1. No need for kink therapy I think, normal is purely an illusion created by societies need to control.

    Knowing that this is a challenge for you is half that battle, now all you need to do is teach yourself to relax and enjoy the process, maybe take sometime to 'practice' letting your mind and body focus in on each moment/sensation so you can really enjoy it and hopefully that might help to shift how you feel about it.