Monday, 24 March 2014


Last night I listened to a couple of episodes of the It Girl, Rag Doll Podcast, and the episode discussing vibrators got me thinking about my relationship with vibrators.

My first sex toy was a vibrator, a Rampant Rabbit, and I loved it. Before I got it I had really long showers which featured my clit and the power shower setting. I've always been sexually driven by my clit, I don't know why, I don't know where it started, but it's always been that way so vibrators were a natural thing for me, I'm wracking my brain to think if I've ever owned a dildo, and I don't think I have.

Don't get me wrong I love cock and being fucked, and I can come from that, but if you ask me to masturbate I'll whip out a vibrator of some description and whack it on my clit. I might plug my ass too, I might put clamps on my nipples, but the main event will be clitoral stimulation.

I don't have a great relationship with my fingers, I've never been a fan of them. They're great for typing and stuff, but they're not so hot downstairs and, for me, it feels somehow dirty and wrong.

So for me the vibrator has been a key part of my sex life since I came of age and has remained on a pedestal ever since. But now I'm wondering if that's healthy, and whether I should look into other ways of masturbating. Maybe I should try a dildo, or a g-spot stimulator, or something else that I can't think of right now because it's late and I'm tired.

Maybe tomorrow I'll buy a new, non-vibrating, sex toy. Or maybe not. I'll think some more on it. But I'm not sure I can bring myself to use my fingers just yet.

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