Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I have a secret. One I'm not telling you. One I'd not told anyone. But last night, I told someone, a very important someone, and telling them made me totally naked, completely vulnerable, but also somewhat free.

So this brings me to why I wanted to share that little snippet with you, because I learned something last night. I learned that to be that vulnerable isn't a bad thing, it doesn't mean you will get hurt, it doesn't mean the world as you know it will end, in fact it can lead to more acceptance.

Sure, this is something all of you probably know already, but it's a big, massive, huge step for me and I wanted to share it here so I can look back and remind myself of this. I've spent my life trying to not be vulnerable, being told it's a bad thing, deep down knowing I so want to be able to let down my walls properly. So last night I started that process, and I feel better for it today, I feel stronger.

Long may this feeling last!

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  1. That is so brave to do. Congratulations. I hope the recipient is worthy.