Saturday, 16 May 2015

Is power exchange a need or a want in your life?

The Submissive Guide prompt today is "is power exchange a need or a want in your life?"

 I wish I knew the answer to this question! Having been single for a long time now I feel that I can't really say that it's a need for me because here I am, getting by, without it. But I'm not really, because, though I haven't been in a physical relationship, I have been in a couple of long-distance power exchange relationships. Relationships that I have longed to become physical.

In addition, I know that I'm not prepared to settle for a vanilla relationship, this is making dating more difficult for me, but I would rather wait longer and find the perfect kinkster for me than settle with a vanilla person and find a few years down the line I am so unhappy and unfulfilled I feel the need to divorce.

So I suppose that means that for me it's both. I want it, but I also feel I need it in my life. However much I struggle to truly submit, to let go, I know that, when I do, it makes me feel free.

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